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CKK-1, CKK-2. CKK-B. CKK-4. CKC-2. PKK. -1, -2

The connectors provide a fast and firm connection of the flexible temporary cable embeddings with the coaxial and symmetry pairs of the trunk cables, which allows reducing the idle time of communications systems during the fault clearing on the coaxial and symmetrical cable lines. Supplying the line services with the fail-safe and compact in design connectors became the one of the most important tasks for the communication services.


  • Cut connectors :CKK-1, CKK-2, CKK-B (BKPAP)
    line connectors: CKK-1 /CKK-2, CKK-1/CKK-B, CKK-2/CKK-B, CKK-1/CKK-1, CKK-2/CKK-2, CKK-B/CKK-B
    adapter connector: CKK-1 (KMG- 4 cable)/CKK-2 (MKTC-4 cable), CKK-1 (KMG- 4 cable)/CKK-B (BKPAP cable); CKK-B (collet connector for BKPAP cable).
  • Cut - threaded connectors: CKK-4.
  • Jack-in connectors: CKC-2.
  • Bayonet connectors: PKK.
  • Friction-jack-in connectors: CPP-1, CPP-2.


CKK-1, CKK-2, CKK-B (BKPAP) - for the connection of the single-coaxial intra-zone, radio-frequency and jumper cables directly to the coaxial pairs of the trunk cables of the following types: 2,6/9,4:1,2/4,4: 2,1/9,7 ((PK-75-4-12/16; PK-75-7-12/16; KGKC; KGKCE; BKPAP).

CKK-4 - for the connection of flexible single-coaxial intra-zone radio-frequency and jumper line cables directly to the coaxial plug socket of the K-1920 data transmission system to NUP or OUP, or K-300 to OUP.

CKC-2 - for the connection of flexible one-quarter cable directly to the symmetrical tetrads of the trunk cables MKC, MKCA, MK and to the pairs of cables KM-4, MKT-4, KM -8/6 with the diameter of the cable cores ranging from 0,8 mm to 1,2 mm and of any insulation type.

PKK- for the connection of flexible temporary single-coaxial cables together (two face-to-face lengths of 320 m each).

CPP - for the connection of flexible temporary coaxial cables directly to the coaxial pairs of 2,6/9,4 types of KM-4 cable (or to the corresponding pairs of the cable KM 8/6, CPP-1) and for the connection to the coaxial pairs of 1,2/4,6 types of the small-size cable MKT-4 (or to the corresponding pairs of the cable KM 8/6, CPP-2)..

CKK-1/CKK-2, CKK-1/CKK-B, CKK-2/ CKK-B, CKK-1/CKK-1, CKK-2/CKK-2, CKK-B/CKK-B - for the connection of the CKK-1, CKK-2 and CKK-B connectors in different combinations for increasing the cable length.

CKK-1 (cable KMG-4)/CKK-2 (cable MKTC-4), CKK-1 (cable -4)/- (cable ) - for the connection of KMG-4 cable equipped with the CKK-connector to the MKTC-4 or BKPAP cable.

CKK-B (collet) - for outfitting one or two ends of BKAP cable in order to reach necessary length, and also for increasing the length of the BKAP cable which is used for making temporary cable embeddings.

Insulating housing - is used for the insulation of the connectors during the operation in order to prevent the electric shock of the personnel..

Service conditions

The connectors are designed for the operation in high frequency circuits ranging from 0.012 MHz to 60 MHz. Distant supply voltage equals to 1000 V at an alternate current of 50 Hz frequency, or 1400 V at a direct current. The connectors have to be operated outdoor within the -60C ... + 55 temperature range and relative humidity of (953) % at +35 C.


Size: no more 145 x 30 x 20 mm Weight: no more than 0,170 kg.

Electrical resistance of the insulation between the inner and outer contacts:

  • 50 000 MOhm at the normal environmental conditions;
  • 10 000 MOhm at the elevated temperature;
  • 1000 MOhm at the relative humidity of (953) % and +35 C.

Insulation between the inner and outer contacts withstands the break-down and flashover voltage test; test conditions were as follows: 4,2 kV direct current or 3 kV alternating current and 50 Hz frequency during 1 minute.

CKK-1, CKK-2, CKK-B (BKPAP), CKK-4 and CPP withstand no less than 500 switching on and switching off without the mechanical injuries and loss in performance.

PKK and CKC-2 withstand no less than 1000 switching on and switching off without the mechanical injuries and loss in performance.

The force applied for switching on and switching off the contacts is no less than 3.0 kg, electric resistance of the contacts is no more than 0.04 Ohm.

Operation reliability

The connectors allow repeated unsoldering and making of soldered connections with the coaxial cables of PK-75-7-12/16, KGKC, KGKCE, BKPAP without the loss in performance. Service life the connectors is no less than six years.

Complete set

The complete set includes the connector and service instructions for 25 items. The connectors of CKK type could be supplied with the line and adapter connectors and also with an insulating housing.

Warranty periods

Warranty service life for the connectors is 2 years from the date of putting them into operation. This term does not include the storage time of the connector by the customer.
Warranty shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

The Exhibition "The industry Kiever".
Our stand has visitted a president of the Ukraine, a mayor of the Kiev Alexander Omelichenko and others.

The Exhibition "The high technology XXI century".
Guests of our stand were a mayor of the Moscow Yuriy Luzhkov.

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