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PCM - TESTER is a portable device designed for the control of the PCM (pulse code modulation)-highways at the 2048 Kbit/sec signal transmission speed (primary digital channel, primary digital group highway).
Devise is simple in operating and can be exploited by middle-qualified personnel.

PCM -TESTER ensures

  • monitoring of digital transmission systems PCM-30 and PCM-31;
  • high-ohms and matched connecting to the transmission line;
  • determination of errors coefficient and quantity per code failure observation period, framing and multiframing errors, cyclic code errors CRC-4;
  • choice of any channel for audio monitoring and channel signaling indication (ABCD);
  • signal strength measuring for any channel interval of signaling;
  • signaling bits scanning with 40ms interval and change of state recording with the time markers;
  • saving the monitoring results into the memory with the time markers (upto 2000 faults in the PCM highway operation);
  • transmitting the protocol of faults and ABCD signaling bits into the computer
  • LED indication of the PCM system failures, as follows: NO SIGNAL, AIS, NO FRAME, NO MF, DIST ALARM, D. MF ALARM;
  • nonvolatile clock calendar;
  • long-term off-line operation from inline accumulator or batteries.


Transmission speed

2048 Kbit/sec ± 100 ppm

Input symmetric impedance

120 Ohm, 1 kOhm



Sensibility, no less

30 mB

Measuring errors coefficient:

  • code


  • frame markers


  • on CRC-4 procedure


Highway signal strength evaluation

-30; -20; -10; 0 db

Channel signal strength measuring

6...-75,9 dbm0

Electrical parameters

in accordance with ITU-T, G 703, chapter 6

Cycle structure

in accordance with ITU-T, G 703, chapter 2, 3


in accordance with ITU-T, G 703, chapter 4

PC connection interface


The Power Supply

6 V (4 batteries of AA type or adapter)

Time of continuous running with the one battery set (excluding the audio monitoring regime)

No less than 48 hours

Service conditions:

  • temperature

from 5 to 50 Ń

  • humidity

tup to 85%

Electrical safety

In accordance with IEC 348


196x100x40 mm


400 g

Complete set:

Network adapter, measuring cable, cable for RS232 interface (by request), soft bag and pass-port.

The Exhibition "The industry Kiever".
Our stand has visitted a president of the Ukraine, a mayor of the Kiev Alexander Omelichenko and others.

The Exhibition "The high technology XXI century".
Guests of our stand were a mayor of the Moscow Yuriy Luzhkov.

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