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Container KC-800 - returnable, metal, closed, assembling


Containers KC-800 are designed to keep different cargoes in storage and limited rooms, and also to carry cargoes by covered cars.

Container can be assembled (in operational status) or non-assembled (while keeping or carrying it). When the container is assembled it occupies the space 4 times less than in operational status, which allows storing and carrying several containers at the same time.

Containers are equipped with two-wheeled pairs and can move indoors with the help of regular wheels, and outdoors with the help of special lifting facilities.

Loading and unloading of containers on cars is realized with the help of fork-lift trucks.

Containers are designed for their exploitation outdoors and are let out in climatic executions Y1 at GOCT 15150-69.

Basic technical features

General structure of the container is shown on picture 1.

Overall dimensions of the container in operational status:

  • Height – 2200 mm;
  • Width – 1000 mm;
  • Depth – 1200 mm.

General structure of the container in set-up status is shown on picture 2.

Overall dimensions of the container in set-up status:

  • Length – 2200 mm;
  • Width – 1000 mm;
  • Height – 300 mm.


Container's weight when it's empty makes not more than 100 kg.

Container's carrying capacity isn't more than 800 kg.

Container's facility

Picture 1 depicts container KC-800 (DNIM.301241.139) operational status. Container's walls have cellular construction with maximal size of cell 50x50 mm.

Container is equipped with a door that can be opened at 270°, which gives more comfort while loading/unloading the container. Container's door can be closed at the spring loaded bars, which excludes door's opening during the transportation. The door has the equipment for container's seal integrity.

The container's door has a pocket for accompanying documentation.

Container's structure envisages installation of easy-off shelves at the height of 1000 and/or 1500 mm from the container's bottom. Shelves can be installed on lateral and back walls with the help of cramps.

Container is equipped with cellular folding roof. In operational status when the container is closed the roof is fixed with the help of door's visor. When the container is in set-up status, the roof must be lowered on the container's back wall. The total rotation angle of the container's roof makes 195 °.

1-pocket for accompanying documentation; 2-door; 3-bottom; 4-roof; 5-demountable shelf; 6-turning wheel; 7-fast wheel; 8-laterall wall; 9-labelling lath.

Picture 1. Container in operational status



Picture 2. Container in the set-up status

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