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Postal Container KP-500



The Postal Container KP-500, standard specifications ŇÓ Ó 64.1-16281395029-2004, is designed to carry mailings with the weight under 500 kg. The container has an increased size and is oriented to carry international mailings in the first place.

Technical features:

The Container KP-500 non-sectional, welded, consists of metallic framework, made of square pipe, has two zoom-in doors, partly opening roof, coupling device, two pairs of wheels. The containers are supplied with pockets to carry accompanying documents in them. Logotype of the postal operator is inflicted on the pocket. Metallic tablet with its serial numbers and page footing are located on the container.

To ensure the safe work of the operators when loading and unloading the mailings one part of the roof of the container is opened at 170°, which makes it impossible to be injured when working.

To make the loading-unloading process more convenient the wide side of the container is accommodated with zoom-in door that can be opened at 270°.

At the bottom of the container there are two pairs of wheels (one pair is turning, another is not). The turning wheels are equipped with brake device, which provide the fixation of the container on surfaces with gradient under 7°.

The weight of the started container is not more than 95 kg.


Outside dimensions:

•  height -1710 mm

•  width -1080 mm

•  depth -920 mm

•  height of wheels -210 mm

•  diameter of wheels -180 mm

Inside dimensions:

•  height -1450 mm

•  width -1040 mm

•  depth -850 mm


The Exhibition "The industry Kiever".
Our stand has visitted a president of the Ukraine, a mayor of the Kiev Alexander Omelichenko and others.

The Exhibition "The high technology XXI century".
Guests of our stand were a mayor of the Moscow Yuriy Luzhkov.

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