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Container KPMM-3



Postal container KPMM -3, multiturn, metal, closed, folding, technical conditions ŇÓ Ó 64.1-16281395-027-2004 , is designed to store and carry mailings with total weight up to 500 kg.

Structure and technical features:

Container consists of metal carcass, made of square pipe, lined with metal array with cells sized at 25x25x2mm. KPMM -3 has a door, a cover, two lateral walls, front wall, hitch-mechanism, bottom, two pair of wheels. The container may be supplied with one or two inner metal shelves made of square pipe and netting.

The front wall of KPMM -3 is provided with hold knob, which is used to move the container in the operational status, and also hitch-mechanism, bottom and cover.

Hitch-mechanism is intended to move the containers in the coupler during their transportation by the carrier. The coupler is assumed to carry up to 4 containers. In non-operational status hitch-mechanism is ascended and fixed at the latch on the top part of the container.


The bottom is represented by a steel plate which thickness makes 1,5mm, and which is pressed by reinforcement plate of steel pipe. Bottom is allowed to be turned at 100°. At the bottom there is a hook, which serves to couple containers.

The cover of the container is opened up while the container is in the operational status and it can be fixed in the upper position, which prevents the head injury while loading and unloading the container. When the container is closed in the operational status, the cover is closed and fixed by the door. When the container is in the decompose status, the cover must be lower and fixed at the lowermost position at the front wall of the container. Total rotation angle of the container's cover makes 195°.

One of the lateral walls is provided with a fixed door that can be opened at 270° and be fixed in two positions: in front – with three springing locks – when the container is closed; and at the side – with a holder – when the container is opened. When the container is closed the door fixes the cover, preventing the possibility of its opening. At this time the container can be sealed by a standard lead, which allows preventing access to mailings.

The lateral walls have two unturning wheels. The front wall of the container has turning wheels with brakes. Turning wheels are equipped with brake arrangement that provides fixation of the container on the surface with the incline up to 7°.

External dimensions:

  • Height – 1870mm.
  • Width – 720mm.
  • Depth – 950mm.
  • Height of wheels – 233mm.
  • Diameter of wheels – 200mm.

Internal dimensions:

  • Height – 1540mm.
  • Width – 680mm.
  • Depth – 860mm.


In order to decrease necessary space that is used to warehouse a big quantity of containers, and to carry empty containers as well it is allowed to put them away. The containers in the unpacked status can be taken up in each other, occupying smaller area. They can be stored in the vertical position on wheels or in the horizontal position.

The container can be put away if the front door is opened and fixed on the lateral wall. Simultaneously the container's cover should be lifted, the bottom is up and fixed on the front wall, lateral walls are opened at the necessary rotation; the cover is lowered and fixed on the front door. Container's lateral walls can be turned at 90°. When the container is in the decompose status it has the following dimensions:

  • Height – 1870mm;
  • Length – 2380mm;
  • Depth – 215mm.
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