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123, Frunze street,
Kyiv, Ukraine
tel.: (+38044) 468-51-64
fax: (+38044) 468-70-84
E-mail: den@ukrpack.net

What's new

Antivandal cabinet-containers are designed for the firm Welton. Telecom and are used for installation of active equipment in non-equipped lodgments.
Cabinets represent welded metal structure with double lateral walls, double roof and double bottom. Incombustible lagging is used while producing cabinets.
Technological containers (series "Ankas") are intended to be used in the sphere of communication and are used for accommodation of the different technological communication equipment, and first of all, for the accommodation of the equipment installed at base stations of the mobile communication.
Containers KC-800 are designed to keep different cargoes in storage and limited rooms, and also to carry cargoes by covered cars. Container can be assembled (in operational status) or non-assembled (while keeping or carrying it). When the container is assembled it occupies the space 4 times less than in operational status, which allows storing and carrying several containers at the same time.
We can design and produce any metal constructions to satisfy the most exquisite taste: Stamped and forged palisades. Forged wickets. Zoom in and built-in gates. Forged balconies. Handrails. Caracoles. Sloping staircases. Window bars. Flower racks. Forged component parts for any forged products.
The Temperature Controller KRT-1 is designed to control the temperature in prescribed limits, and is used in heating and ventilation systems, and also in production technological processes. The Controller has two variants of implementation: with line supply 220V 50Gc and with supply of constant voltage 24V. Connection of loading is realized by two channels. The Controller is adapted for assembling at the DIN-lath.
System for street lighting "Integral" refers to energy-saving devices system and designed for high-frequency feeding of street lighting sodium lamps energization and control using exclusive electronic ballast apparatus (by the power - 70, 100, 250, 400 W ). An overall controller located in the main cabinet realizes the remote control.
The system of bee venom ingathering consists of a generator of pulses, five cartridges with frameworks for bee venom gathering, and separate frameworks for bee venom gathering.
We sell bee venom.
Loading/unloading lifting platform TERMINAL includes: lock (sluice); level platform; sectional gate; wheel guide and stop for approaching vehicle. Technical parameters of the platform allow to use it for almost all types of automobile, air, railway and water transport cargoes and loads. Quick and easy installation will let you use it in any warehouse.
Sonic switch "Integral-ABC" is designed for automatically switching the lighting in the porches, corridors and other rooms. Sonic switch is produced in four modifications (for the darkened and semi-darkened corridors etc).
Intellectual mail box is designed for collection of letters and post cards from senders. Mailbox is produced in two versions: urban and rural. Its components are made of sheet metal by punching. It is possible to have any front surface picture required. Urban mailbox is equipped with identification control unit. That is a part of mail collection electronic control system.
The Exhibition "The industry Kiever".
Our stand has visitted a president of the Ukraine, a mayor of the Kiev Alexander Omelichenko and others.

The Exhibition "The high technology XXI century".
Guests of our stand were a mayor of the Moscow Yuriy Luzhkov.

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