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ANKAS containers


Technological containers (series "Ankas") are intended to be used in the sphere of communication and are used for accommodation of the different technological communication equipment, and first of all, for the accommodation of the equipment installed at base stations of the mobile communication.

The Container itself is steel, heat-insulated construction, cased in the internal and external sides by sheet metal. The thickness of wall panels makes 100 mm. The materials used provide the high lifetime of the construction with minimal requirement of care. Panels of the container have a polymeric covering made in the electrostatic field.

Container's construction provides:

  • accommodation of the telecommunication equipment and managerial systems
  • constant warm-up mode inside the container at the account of the built-in conditioner
  • installation of efficient non-combustible cable entering;
  • installation of cable shelfs
  • efficient ice protection of the roof

The construction provides minimization of the risk of the container's destruction:

- wall panels are made of two-millimeter-steel sheets;

- three metal doors with nogging locks and guard signalizing.

The designers foresaw the protection from various damages of the installed equipment as well as its protection from influence of atmospheric factor during the usages.

The lifetime of the container is 10 years.

Guarantee period since the moment of the container's installation makes 2 years.

A variant of making the whole container of zinc (coated by hot zinc and coated by polymeric paint) is possible. In this case the lifetime of the container makes 25 - 30 years depending on the availability of aggressive, forming surrounding ambiences.

To increase the resource of the conditioner and to reduce power consumption the designers offer (according to a separate agreement) to complete the container with recuperator and controller so that they could govern functioning (working) of the recuperator and conditioner.


Performance specification

Name of the Product
Operation factors and description of container
Overall dimensions L, B, H, mm
Weight, kg
Protective covering
Container detached
3550 2200 2350
welded, assembling
Painting or hot zinc-plating and painting
Container for being adjusted on the roof
3550 2200 2350
frame of holding antenna and ice-protection (on the roof)
Painting or hot zinc-plating and painting
Container for being adjusted at the garrets
3550 2200 2350
Painting or hot zinc-plating and painting
Container for diesel engine power plant adjustment
2000 2000 2000
Container for diesel engine power plant adjustment
1500 2000 2500
Welded, assembling
Painting or hot zinc-plating and painting
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