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Kyiv, Ukraine
tel.: (+38044) 468-51-64
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Apparatus posts for communications facilities


Apparatus posts are designed for optical fiber communication lines with the use of IEC917-2-1, IEC917-2-2 standards.

The Post provides:

  • installation of equipment that corresponds with international IEC917-2-2 standard;
  • strengthening and fixation of cable;
  • compensation of floor asperities with the help of fixing peduncles and fastening of upper post's part to cable shelf or metal structures of linearly instrumental room;
  • protective earthing.

The Post is produced:

  • in climate execution UHL, category 3 according to the GOCT 15150-69 and is designed to be used in special conditions (environmental temperature is from -60°C up to +40°C; relative air humidity is not more than 80% while the temperature is 150°C)
  • firmness to the external actions in compliance with GOCT 3940-84

We take orders to work up and produce any sizes of the posts.

We'll immediately supply the following standard sizes of the posts (mm):

  • height (1800,2000,2200,2400,2600)
  • width (600)
  • depth (300,400,600)

The Post's weight is not more than 50 kg.


The apparatus post includes the set of fasteners that are used while fastening the items, which should be installed in the post and while providing electrical contact between the items, which should be installed in the post and the post's body; original passport and package.

The fasteners' set includes:

  • Square nuts M6 Marking of goods N EL 2094.200. Quantity – 50 it.
  • Fastening screws M6 with plastic washers. Marking of goods N EL 2093. Quantity – 50 it.

Note: Part of nuts can be install in corresponding post's opening.

The Exhibition "The industry Kiever".
Our stand has visitted a president of the Ukraine, a mayor of the Kiev Alexander Omelichenko and others.

The Exhibition "The high technology XXI century".
Guests of our stand were a mayor of the Moscow Yuriy Luzhkov.

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